Meredith Kramer is a Registered Yoga Teacher who has been practicing yoga since 2000. She practices too many styles to count, and believe you me, she’s tried! As it’s been said, Yoga is not a workout, but a work in. We come to our mats to stretch hamstrings and hope. Everyone is welcome in class as she cultivates a sense of play and exploration. Every body and everybody will find their version of the pose. ​Yoga for Misfits ​is the philosophy – bring her your achy back, tight hamstrings (all 4 of ‘em), bum this, and bad that, and your “I can’t do Yoga – I’m not flexible”s. When not on the mat, you can find her doing karaoke, or devouring a novel whole. She is also a high school Spanish teacher. She is currently becoming an ​Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga​. Come play!


What People Say

During all this stay at home, try a virtual yoga session with yogameredith27. It is a great way to relax, enhance your practice and just feel good about you!

Maria H-55

Thanks for leading us through a very unique and uplifting class and I look forward to learning more about your classes for healing/managing chronic pain and uplifting overall health and wellness.

Cheryl D.

Whenever I practice with Meredith, she inspires me as she is grounded, centered, and has a bright spirit that shines light.

David Wilder, Wilder Yoga and Fitness

Let’s practice together.

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