“The day I get home…”

Today’s quote is from the band Squeeze, the album Play: “it’s experience, as the days unfold, but there’s nothing quite like the day I get home”. They were popular in the 90’s, so this is me dating myself :). What does “home” even mean? Is it a building? Is it a feeling? Is it where they have to take you in? Even though you may have four walls and a roof of your very own (well, yours and the bank’s, that is), what if you can’t put your feet up ‘cuz everything’s sheathed in plastic, including the faux candy in the dish? Alternatively, you can crash on a friend’s couch and be told to “make yourself at home,” and get that sense where you can sigh with relief – you’ve arrived.

What makes a house a home? Some say a house is a structure, and a home is a feeling. Is it a dog, or other fur-baby? (Three cats & a rabbit is the sitcom that is my life.) Is it a partner waiting for you? Is it being able to eat the last Oreo in your altogether, and not do the dishes ’til you’re on the last one/s? There was a poignant commercial once where they referred to a house key as “precious metal.”

Our experiences shape us: the good, the bad & the ugly. What will you do with your experiences? How will you take them home? I’d love to hear if this quote resonates with you! What does “home” mean to YOU? Thank you for reading.

Until our mats unfurl again…

My First Blog Post

How to be graceful on the inside

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I like to start each class with a quote. Today’s came from the book Be More Unicorn: how to find your inner sparkle by Joanna Gray. We all know these are tumultuous times, that are continually changing. The book gives a short list of 5 things to engender grace. Here goes…1) be kind: less bitter, more glitter, 2) be caring: dare to care, 3) be forgiving: move on, be strong, 4) be magnanimous: in victory, grace, and 5) be polite: more clout, don’t shout. Which one or ones speak to you?