Teaching Schedule

Current Schedule

  • Switch Gears – Thursdays @4pm- NEW CLASS! This is a short, slow, Hatha/Kripalu class to get us to take off our daytime hats & put on our nighttime ones. Note: class is 45mn. Follow it up with Yoga Restore to really feel good. https://www.yogaheights.net/schedule
  • Yoga Restore – Thursdays @ 5pm. NEW CLASS! Longer holds, some restorative postures. This class is a great compliment to Switch Gears, which conveniently is right before. https://www.yogaheights.net/schedule
  • Yoga Nidra – every OTHER Wednesday @8pm. Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a passive way to recharge body, mind, and spirit. This is virtual only.
  • Small group instruction available.
  • Private sessions available. In person to those fully vaccinated. Please ask!
  • Therapeutic Yoga available. Do you want personal attention? Classes designed just for you? Email to inquire.
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