Options to suit a variety of needs and individuals

Private/Semi-private Yoga

Are you new to Yoga? Returning from a hiatus? Injured? Want to compliment other movement styles? (i.e. running, CrossFit, HIIT, other sports). Want to get the lay of the land before venturing into a public class? We can work on strength, flexibility, or just have fun playing with different postures, mudras (hand gestures,) and breathwork.

Semi-Private Yoga is available for up to three practitioners. No yoga experience required, but participants should have a similar goal. Differing abilities are welcome.

Private single session$95
Private pkg. of 5$450
Semi-private single session$250
Semi-private pkg. of 5$1125
Available in-person or virtually.

Workplace Yoga

Are you stressed? Is your day full of repetitive motion? Are you on your feet all day? Do you want to pursue wellness with your workmates? Engage in team-building before, during, or after work?

Single session $250
Pkg. of 6$1350
Session includes up to 10 people per group.

Therapeutic Yoga

Do you have unique challenges: Caring for a relative, recovering from an injury or illness, or a medical condition? Are you breathing? This personalized, gentler style works with a variety of Yoga tools: 

  • Mudra (hand gestures or seals,)
  • Breathwork
  • Visualization
  • Movement
  • Mantra (credo or affirmation)

Sessions are typically 90 minutes in length. We will set goals together, as well as you choosing where you would like to go

Single session$135
Pkg. of 3$385
Semi-private (2 people)$175
Pkg. of 3$500
Available in-person or virtually.

Yoga Nidra

“Divine sleep”, or yoga nidra, is a mini-retreat. This practice induces deep relaxation for deep healing.

Payment Options

Zelle, Venmo or cash gladly accepted.

I was admittedly nervous, but once we started the session, my fears melted away. Meredith took her time and explained to me in great detail the goals of the session as well as the format of what we would be doing together. She was extremely patient and calm with me.

— Therapeutic Yoga Student

My time with Meredith has already shown a lasting impact, and I can’t recommend her enough! If you want to work with someone who takes a vested interest in your wellbeing… look no further!”

— Yoga Practitioner

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