My First Blog Post

How to be graceful on the inside

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I like to start each class with a quote. Today’s came from the book Be More Unicorn: how to find your inner sparkle by Joanna Gray. We all know these are tumultuous times, that are continually changing. The book gives a short list of 5 things to engender grace. Here goes…1) be kind: less bitter, more glitter, 2) be caring: dare to care, 3) be forgiving: move on, be strong, 4) be magnanimous: in victory, grace, and 5) be polite: more clout, don’t shout. Which one or ones speak to you?

Published by yogabymeredith27

A Yogini since 2k, you will find her on the mat, at the mic (for karaoke) or on the couch (reading or napping.) Classes for every body & everybody - come play! In times like these, it's especially important to practice self-care, on and off the mat. Be well.

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