While there is time…

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“While there is time, let’s go out and feel everything,” The Finer Things, Steve Winwood 

We all get the same 24 hours every day. No more, no less. Some of us make things happen, some of us watch things happen, and some of us wonder what the hell just happened? Not firmly planted in any one camp, I am wont to float or get yanked between those modalities. 

Sometimes I am the Energizer Bunny, putting in 10+ hour days, grading papers, planning lessons, fielding emails across the emotional spectrum. There might even be some domestic-type schtuff happening. Might

Other times I am Slothy McSlotherson, needing to recharge and am not good for much. As dear ole Dad says: you don’t have to pay me to be good; I’ll be good for nuthin’.  (Ahem, “rest is not idleness” is a good previous post to read if you’re new here. It’s from August of 2020.) 

Plus, ya know, chronic illness and penchant for junk food isn’t doing me any favors. Either way, I’m playing sponge, soaking it all in, to be processed laterz. Or not. Just scrolling advice columns & my IG feed. All good. 

Still other times, it’s a maelstrom and I’m a tugboat caught in the monsoon. 

It’s. All. Good. Does it feel good? Nope. Does that change the fact that it, whatever it may be, is happening? Nope. Will it end? Probably. Eventually. Maybe. Wth knows? Either way, feel your feelings and come out the other side. It’ll all be okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. 

Some say if you want to do something, you will find a way; whereas if you don’t want to do something, you’ll find an excuse. My jury’s still out, but let’s explore, shall we?

Santosha, or Contentment in Sanskrit, means being okay with what is. Not to the point where you throw up your hands and resign yourself to the situation, but okay enough to float in effortless effort until a plan emerges. 

“While there is time/let’s go out and feel everything…

For time is a river rolling into nowhere

We must live while we can…

The finer things keep shining through

The way my soul gets lost in you…”

As P!nk says, “when I’m happy and I’m sad, but everything’s good…it’s not that complicated I’m just missundaztood.”

If this resonated with you, please feel free to comment below or drop me an email. Until our mats unfurl again, be well.


Published by yogabymeredith27

A Yogini since 2k, you will find her on the mat, at the mic (for karaoke) or on the couch (reading or napping.) Classes for every body & everybody - come play! In times like these, it's especially important to practice self-care, on and off the mat. Be well.

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