Get lost…no, really

“Why follow me to higher ground?/ Lost as you swear I am.” Do you have a guru? Want one? Need one? Are you one? Ha! To whom? Many of us have people whom we admire. Hopefully we strive to be admirable, but not too, too attached to that adulation. Aparigraha, or non-attachment, is a toughContinue reading “Get lost…no, really”

You can Bet(ty) on Al

Who’s calling? “If you’ll be my bodyguard/I can be your long-lost pal,” “Call me Al,” Paul Simon. We all need people to support us. In Yoga-with-a-capital-y-land, we call this Sangha, or community. Who’s in your Sangha? Perhaps biological, perhaps by convenience or necessity, by commonality, by marriage, or by heart, no one should go it alone.Continue reading “You can Bet(ty) on Al”

Karma, shawarma. Whatever it is, let’s serve it cold.

Karma, shawarma. Whatever it is, let’s serve it cold. (Loving, living, breathing – ya know, the biggies) “Must I live my days in these concrete ways?/ Will the fire break through this smokey haze?” Many of us were thrust into #adulting, or maybe it’s more like the frog in the blender scenario (i.e. you getContinue reading “Karma, shawarma. Whatever it is, let’s serve it cold.”

Waitress, this isn’t what I ordered! …or is it? 

“…and I know no matter what the waitress brings, I shall drink in and always be full/ yeah, I will drink in and always be full,” John Popper. (“Runaround,” Blues Traveler) In Yoga-with-a-big-y, we study the Yamas and Niyamas. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know that these concepts, or paths forContinue reading “Waitress, this isn’t what I ordered! …or is it? “

“Next phase, next stage, next craze, next wave”

Yeah, but does it rhyme? Let’s ask Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Clifford Lane, Mary Wood, Spice Girls: Victoria Beckham, Melanie Gulzar Emma Bunton Generate/s. Generation/s. General/s. Generally. General Lee. Generation. Generational. Generationally. Generally/-ish. Gentrified/s. Gente in Spanish. Gerente, too. Gender. Gend-her. Gend-him. Gend-them. Gend-xe, gend-thee, gend-we, gend-ye. Gen-everyone. Dagnabbit, that’s a latte derivatives! What generationContinue reading ““Next phase, next stage, next craze, next wave””

Having it all & where to put it

“May you always lead from the beating in your chest,” Bloomfield Mai Sunshine, Gebhardt Rebecca Emily In the eight-limbed path of Yoga (with a capital Y,) one of the many tools we study and keep in our toolboxes are the chakras. Many systems name 7 main chakras, the 4th of which is the Anahata chakra,Continue reading “Having it all & where to put it”

Chickens & Geese

How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose? This cute little ditty made famous by Buffy the Vampire Slayer is bound to make you shake your pom poms, but that’s not why we’re here. Or is it? Can we be funky and loose? Or are we staid and as the kids say, “tight”? Continue reading “Chickens & Geese”

Bars, temples, massage parlors

Where do you go for sustenance? Relaxation? Oneness? Since I don’t drink, and can’t really claim a religion of my own, and my last massage sent me over the edge in not such a nice way, it’s hard to say. If you’re curious, stick with it to the end. Sing along with me, wontcha?  “OneContinue reading “Bars, temples, massage parlors”

It’s raining men!

“Hallelujah, it’s raining men!,” Paul Shaffer, and Paul Jabara Now before you log off, laugh your asana off, or crank up this catchy tune from the early 80s co-penned by some sunglass-bespeckled baldie from nighttime TV to sing along, pop a squat, grab a cuppa whatever, and get comfy.  This struck me as especially yogic.Continue reading “It’s raining men!”

Empty clubs, barkin’ dogs, canned DJs

“…even if the club was empty and your feet get tired/even if the resident DJ got fired,” Shake baby shake, Seeed If you’re doing your thing, you don’t need an entourage. Even if no one’s there to snap a pic for your soshe (social media page/s), it still happened. Shake what your Mama gave you.Continue reading “Empty clubs, barkin’ dogs, canned DJs”