“Next phase, next stage, next craze, next wave”

Yeah, but does it rhyme? Let’s ask Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Clifford Lane, Mary Wood, Spice Girls: Victoria Beckham, Melanie Gulzar Emma Bunton

Generate/s. Generation/s. General/s. Generally. General Lee. Generation. Generational. Generationally. Generally/-ish. Gentrified/s. Gente in Spanish. Gerente, too. Gender. Gend-her. Gend-him. Gend-them. Gend-xe, gend-thee, gend-we, gend-ye. Gen-everyone. Dagnabbit, that’s a latte derivatives! What generation you belong to chronologically might not be the one you wish to belong to, or even feeeeel like you belong to, amirite? FWIW, different lists give different age ranges, anyway. Where are we going with this? Are we the ones we’ve been waiting for? Read on & let’s explore. Full disclosure & fair warning – yours truly is a bit punchy, having had a late-ish dinner AND a chocolate-coated ice cream bar when I started this draft a few days ago. And away we go…

“We’re sowing the seeds/every color every creed”

We all sow seeds, whether we realize it or not. What’s that old adage about planting trees whose Sade (big, juicy wink) you’ll never sit under? Whose turn is it? Whose Line Is It, Anyway? Should the Rolling Stones get off the stage for Maroon 5, or, or, or? Maybe BTS? Does that work? TBH, modern music mostly isn’t my fave. As my readers know, it’s 80s baby…mostly. 

We all sow seeds, whether we realize it or not. We need to talk to, listen to, hear, and hang out with those who don’t look like us, who believe differently than us, who check different boxes than we do. Ha! Who likes those silly little survey questions, anyway? Who fits in a box? Color, creed, flexibility of mind and body, and, and and. The time is long overdue to have conversations with those around us, not just those among us. Don’t say anything about ’em that you wouldn’t say to ’em. It’s about to get uncomfortable, and THAT’S OKAY. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

“Teach never preach/listen up take heed”

No one likes being lectured to. Believe you me, those who’re listening intently didn’t do anything wrong, usually, and those who did ain’t listening anywayz! If we teach, break things down, instruct, impart, share, the message is much more likely to go over better and actually be received. I did a whole post on listening vs. hearing a while ago. Take heed, pay attention, so you can act accordingly. 

Read on: 

“Take the heat/feel the flow

Cause you’re ready to burn/and we’re ready to go” 

“Take the heat” could potentially mean that the next generation (“generation next”) needs to clean up our generation’s mistakes, or even the mistakes of those poor, beleaguered Boomers who made quite a few messes for us to clean up. (No offense, Mom & Dad!) Perhaps the whipper-snappers are “ready to burn” or take up the reins and make real, lasting change. We generate heat through Tapas, or burning zeal in practice. Burn off what’s no longer serving you, lest you go down in flames, consumed. “We’re ready to go” – we Gen Xers are ready to move on and rest. Leave it to the youngins, whatever their generation is called. (Not those poor, avo-toast-loving, divorce-killing Millennials who supposebly* bring their parents on job interviews, and whine or wine when there isn’t a raise or promotion in 6mn, but wherever the nomenclature’s taken us for after the after. Methinks we’re running out of letters.) This could also be Rajas, one of the Gunas, or innate tendencies or attributes. Rajas is frenetic and heated, if not agitated. We need some Tamas, Thomas! Tamas is evenness, steadfastness that can eventually tend towards sloth if it’s not balanced out. 

It’s an Irioquois principle whereby we remember the seven generations that have come before you and consider the seven that will come after. It is important to tread lighter on the Earth than we have been. 

Either way, time marches on regardless. Grab a friend, grab the handrail, and hang on for dear life! No one gets out alive…

“It’s a celebration, motivation generation next/

You gotta know the rules (rules), if you wanna play the game (game)/

Respect and dedication (dedication on a fame) never riding on a fame” 

Feel free to comment below if this resonated with you. Until our mats unfurl again, be well. -M

Published by yogabymeredith27

A Yogini since 2k, you will find her on the mat, at the mic (for karaoke) or on the couch (reading or napping.) Classes for every body & everybody - come play! In times like these, it's especially important to practice self-care, on and off the mat. Be well.

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