“Next phase, next stage, next craze, next wave”

Yeah, but does it rhyme? Let’s ask Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Clifford Lane, Mary Wood, Spice Girls: Victoria Beckham, Melanie Gulzar Emma Bunton Generate/s. Generation/s. General/s. Generally. General Lee. Generation. Generational. Generationally. Generally/-ish. Gentrified/s. Gente in Spanish. Gerente, too. Gender. Gend-her. Gend-him. Gend-them. Gend-xe, gend-thee, gend-we, gend-ye. Gen-everyone. Dagnabbit, that’s a latte derivatives! What generationContinue reading ““Next phase, next stage, next craze, next wave””

Bars, temples, massage parlors

Where do you go for sustenance? Relaxation? Oneness? Since I don’t drink, and can’t really claim a religion of my own, and my last massage sent me over the edge in not such a nice way, it’s hard to say. If you’re curious, stick with it to the end. Sing along with me, wontcha?  “OneContinue reading “Bars, temples, massage parlors”